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Preparations for the great run

Posted in Guides, News, Theory with tags , on December 7, 2010 by Natarumah

After the inital confusion with failing login servers, rage over people getting server-first cooking within 15 minutes of launch and of course the general malaise of people feeling rushed by their now-level-83+ guildies, time to make a short recap on how to make the most of your time. Follow this info so you can also enjoy the expansion, instead of just rushing.

Old World Flying

Don’t go to a trainer in the old world, in most places these NPCs are covered by players like a swarm of bees. This will likely continue as more people log on. Instead, go to Dalaran or Shattrath and learn it there – these places are extinct. For a mere 250 gold, you can now go and fly in the old world.


If you happen to be in Dalaran to get your flying, hop by the Argent Tournament arena and pick up the dailies. You can get some done while waiting in the dungeon queue for the next-best level 81 instance, and the place is not very busy at this time.


I am not sure 100% whether this is available in Dalaran as well, but train your professions. Cooking, Fishing, Archaeology and your two main professions. If you’ve been diligent with your cooking and fishing dailies the last few days, you should be able to get some crates of meat shipped over from your alts and some recipes to use the meat for on your main.

Don’t bother with first aid yet – if you are a tailor, you want the cloth that drops in Cataclysm. If you are not, you want to sell it. Prices are high at the start, so don’t waste good cloth on bandages. Same goes for fishing, if you find a pool, fish it. The fish make good money for those who didn’t do the dailies, and if you need them for your own cooking, all the better.

Why cooking? Well, the food provides good buffs, and will make questing a lot easier. Especially if you take on somewhat high-level mobs, since they hit hard. The extra Stamina and secondary stat buff help a way there.


You know that the main questing area’s pretty camped, and not all of it can be solved by Blizzard’s phasing technology. You can try leveling through dungeons, but to be honest, the instance servers will likely not stand the weight of all those players. Consider making groups with your guild members, and leveling in 5man teams. That way, quests are done quicker, you don’t need to wait half as long for quest respawns, and you get a group XP bonus to boot!


Don’t forget that part of the charm in leveling is seeing something completely new. The urge to go to 85 TODAY! must be very strong, but resist it…slightly. You won’t be raiding unless enough people in your group are 85 and somewhat geared anyway – besides, we’ve been seeing the same content for about a year now…enjoy the fresh air!

On Twisted Faith

I am currently working on updating the site – a lot of information needs updating, and I am trying to make it look a bit snazzy. This being a blog, I don’t have a lot of freedom in altering the layout without paying, something I am not planning on doing. So, we have to make do with what we have.

I am hoping to be able to get the updated material live next monday!

Prepare thy bunkers!

Posted in Fun, Roleplaying, Shadowpriest with tags , , on April 26, 2010 by Natarumah

Okay, so we know Cataclysm will be going into its Beta phase soon ™ and that somewhere this year the face of Azeroth will change completely. Some places will be changed beyond recognition, some will shift in control from one Faction to another, and a few zones are opened up to us by the massive events for the first time in history.

So, how do we prepare for this, knowing it is coming? And how do we keep ourselves entertained between now and patch day?

Preparations for war

One of the things I learned from the transfer from TBC to Wrath is that it is terribly hard to get anyone to run the older instances. Even now, Naxxramas is mostly abandoned and even Ulduar is a quiet place these days. If there is any item, achievement or quest you want completed from those regions, better start now. Because, once the Cataclysm hit people will have very different things on their minds and getting a group for Ulduar will be as tough as finding a group for Black Temple these days.

Stockpiling or saving up?

Some people prefer to save up on crafting materials from the TBC-Wrath range, knowing that there is a flood of Worgen and Goblins coming up, and they will want to powerlevel their professions. Also, changes in the professions themselves may want to make people reroll, so you could anticipate on that as well.

An other way of thinking is to sell everything you still have, making sure your bank slots are available to the new materials needed in Cataclysm, or the materials to be introduced (if any) to level up Archaeology. If you are one of the early (and few) sellers of such materials, you can expect to make a tidy profit.


When you are close to the Loremaster or one of the Dungeon/Hero achievements, you may want to make sure to get it done as soon as you can. Not only will groups going there be more and more rare, there’s a good chance the world will change in such a way that achievements like Loremaster may need a lot more effort than currently.

With the knowledge that a new Goblin/Worgen faction will likely be introduced, and thus also four additional mounts and maybe unique pets, it might be a good idea to stock some cloth to speed up your reputation leveling with them. If you need another faction and few mounts or pets for those achievements, why not prepare now and get it done early?


Rolling a Worgen or Goblin? You might want to consider spending the (probably useless) Emblems of Triumph you have now for a full set of heirloom gear for those yung’uns. Chest, shoulders, main (maybe offhand) weapon, two trinkets and maybe even a gun (depending on class and how many Stonekeeper’s Shards you have) are waiting for you to swoop them up and mail them over.

This time, BoE blues are also relatively cheap on the AH – you can’t swing a dead fish without hitting some 10gold level 72-80 blue item on the Auction House. If they are on an all-time low and you already know what class your new toon will be, why not grab a few and store them for later? Once the rush to 80 begins for the new Goblins and Worgen, these blues might skyrocket in price again, since supplies dwindle as demand increases. Don’t like your new toon? Sell them on the AH for profit later then.

Fun and games

People get bored between the old expansion and the new, it’s a fact. Once your raid group has cleared normal Lich King, expect to see enthusiasm and attendance dip. Make sure you are finding ways to enjoy your game time, or take an occasional break.

Fishing achievements and quests are a nice relaxed way to gain some minor benefits while chatting with friends, and exploring the world for The Explorer can also nab you some rare creatures and awesome sights to make screenshots of. Make a picture book for yourself, documenting the world as it used to be, so that you can remind yourself from time to time what an awesome time you had.

One of the things I plan to do, being on an RP realm, is to make a storybook on what happens to Natarumah during the changes during Cataclysm and a short while after. If you do as well, link it on your realm forums, and show the RP community that you care.

A year from now, the world, the game and our enjoyment of the game may be completely different from now. But it pays off to prepare yourself with the most positive attitude and look forward to the good things coming. Imbalances, nerfs and bugs are bound to arise, and times will be hard. But if you keep the thought in mind that the game is advancing, I am sure the ride will be much less bumpy.

Preparations for 3.3

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Well, here it is. The final chapter of the Wrath of the Lich King. Before facing Arthas, we have a final few days to catch our breaths, re-arrange our armory and gather supplies. So what can or must we do before venturing forth into the depths of Icecrown’s frozen heart?

  • Tailoring patterns ahoy! – with the new Deathfrost Boots and Leggings of Woven Death, we have some good pieces to combine with our shiny T10, assuming you weren’t walking in BiS items already. The good news is that they are vendored by the Ashen Verdict, but this also means a lot of raids before you can make them. Why prepare? Well, they require 16 Spellweave and 16 Ebonweave in addition to the Primordial Saronite. Start crafting them now to make sure you have a stash for once you reach that reputation level. They are BoE as well, so this way you can cash in quicker as well, once you are done with your Emblems of Frost for Tier.
  • Saronite or Titanium? – Rumours are (still unfounded I think) that the cooldown on Transmute Titanium will be removed. If this is the case, expect the price of Titanium Bars to drop – and Titanium Ore to rise. Why? Because the miners will be better off selling the ore to Jewelcrafters rather than smelting them, and Alchemists will have more Titanium bars to put on the AH. Because this change is not clear, or confirmed, it may still be worth it to keep your Titanium in ores and save it to see what the market will do.
  • Crusader Orbs – I have an alt (my warrior) that I am leveling to 80, and I plan to gear her with the plate crafted from ToC patterns. They are 6 and 8 Crusader orbs, which is quite an investment. However, since everything will drop Triumph badges after 3.3, I expect prices to plummet, and I also have much easier access to them. So I am putting them on the AH for higher than average prices. Putting them on costs me less than 20s each, and I put them up for 700-750 gold. If they sell, more money to me. If they don’t, I was just saving them for crafting. Win-win! Strange strategy? Sure, but one already sold for that amount, even though it was 100g+ over the AH price of the other Crusader Orbs.
  • Raid Consumables – Expect heavy raiding and instancing right after patch 3.3, as guilds scramble to get things started. Since the raids will have a timed release, like ToC, this will be limited at the beginning. This is also the time that guilds make last-ditch attempts at whatever Hard Modes they had left to finish it all up before Arthas comes into sight, so be prepared.
  • Enchanting mats – With the new disenchantment loot option, you can bet that people will greed on those mats they used to leave to you. Many times the other party members wanted me to keep the mats, because a single shard or crystal is just a single one. Expect that to be a lot less due to having to only click a button and be awarded enchanting mats. This means less mats for the enchanter, and more on the AH, driving down the price a bit. You could choose to sell them now (when they’re hot) or store them up for rainy days. I try to keep around 2 stacks of dust, 2 stacks of Essences, 1 stack of shards and some crystals close at hand for when I absolutely have to enchant that new piece of gear.
  • Research! – New 5mans and raids means a lot of learning to do. First off, check the 5-man loot and raid loot on MMO-Champion to see what would be an upgrade for you. Forewarned is forearmed! Second, make sure to keep an eye on the strategies (say, Lord Marrowgar), and watch some videos once available. It may be second nature to you by now, but it’s highly embarassing to enter the raid and discover you have no idea what you’re supposed to do (or not!).
  • Spending emblems – With new gear on the horizon, it may feel like a waste to buy any new gear. I mean, that new loot will drop soon right? Maybe, but you may be unlucky with the drops, or now have the DKP for them. So make sure your kit’s in raiding order for Icecrown. And if it is, consider some PvP gear to try out your new hasted PewPew in arenas and BGs (before everyone catches up with the easier-to-get Emblems), or buy yourself a shiny set of tier/offset items for your offspec.
  • Winter cleanup – After another season of raiding and PvP, you could find yourself with an awfully cluttered bag/bank filled with stuff you don’t really need. Try and keep it clean. Send food and semi-useful items to a bank alt (you can always return them when needed) and get rid of stuff that is just junk (you’d be surprised how often grey loot manages to find some empty slot in bag #3 after using a potion for instance) before heading off to 3.3.
  • Relax! – With bosses being released in stages, and hardmodes out of the way, take some time to relax and have fun. Level that alt you never had the time to, do some old instances, get some of those previously uninteresting reputations to Exalted. This game’s still about having fun, so be sure to take the time to enjoy it.

Many preparations, many things that are still assumptions as well. With all my alts covering many tradeskills, I will be following much of the abovementioned. What will you do to prepare for 3.3?