Mana Management Test

In this post I will put down the results of my experimenting with my current spec, trying to validate the choice between using Meditation or Focused Mind as the talent to govern my mana efficiency. For this I will use two World of Logs reports for the same fight (Lich King) to allow for an easy comparison.

Current situation

In my current gear, I have the following unbuffed stats (so without Inner Fire or any other self-buffs, flasks or the like):

2987 Spellpower, 33% crit, 25% haste, 72 MP/5.

To keep the comparison easy, I also do not have any items which have a Haste proc, meaning that my Haste is a constant.

The fight as it is for me

The Lich King fight is the only fight where I can say that mana can be an issue. A mis-timed Shadowfiend, forgetting a Dispersion or similar human mistakes can mean that I end up without mana half-way into the fight. My goal to myself is making sure that at each transition phase I am at about 75% mana – that should allow me to pull through.

A lot of Shadowpriests have both Meditation and Focused Mind, and they will never have any real mana issues. But ever since my mana did not seem to run out, I slowly put less and less points in Focused Mind until I ended up in my current state. This was fine up to now – but with my low Spirit and relatively high Haste, combined with the mana issues on LK, mean I have to re-evaluate my choice.

So there will be two short pieces of math here (and you can repeat those for yourself, in your own gear situation) to help me decide which talent to take, and which one to ditch.

Test 1: Lich King, 29/3/2010
Talent: 3/3 Meditation, 0/3 Focused Mind

The first thing I did was look at my “active time”. This represents how long you’ve been actually doing anything. For me this was 3915,3 seconds (one hour and five minutes). That active time represents 783,06 “MP5 moments”. In other words, you can divide your active time by 5 to determine how many “ticks” of mana regain were in your active time.

I gained the following mana returns from abilities, calculated their MP5 value and the “ranking”:

Total MP5 Rank
Mana Leech 223565 286 1
Replenishment 179788 230 2
Dispersion 122093 156 3
Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain 49494 63 5
Judgement of Wisdom 23417 30 6
Hymn of Hope 2701 3 8
Revitalize 12122 15 7
Rapture 565 1 9
Meditation 93967 120 4

Mana Leech is my Shadowfiend, by the way. As you can see, Meditation’s a big source of mana, but by no means the biggest. This shows why being smart when using your Shadowfiend is so important. Revitalize isn’t always there (it’s a RNG thing) and sometimes I also have a Mana Tide Totem nearby.

After that I checked how many spells I cast of each kind affected by Focused Mind, how much they would cost in mana without Focused Mind, and how much mana they would cost with 3/3 Focused Mind. Then I multiplied the number of casts I made for each spell with the difference between the two mana costs.

The last step here is then to divide the Mana Saved by the number of “MP5 moments”, in other words my “Active Time” divide by five.

(Number of casts)*(Mana Cost normal – Mana Cost FM) = Mana Saved.
(Mana Saved)/(Active Time/5) = Mana Saved per 5 Seconds

(Click on the picture for a readable version)

In other words, during this particular evening I would have effectively had 224 MP/5 in savings if I would have had 3/3 Focused Mind. When you subtract the 120 MP/5 I gained from Spirit while raid-buffed, it means a net gain of 104 MP/5.

Test 2: Lich King, ??/??/????
Talent: 0/3 Meditation, 3/3 Focused Mind

This test is next up, and will involve doing all of the above again, but this time without Meditation and taking 3/3 Focused Mind. Then I will be able to see if the theoretical gain mentioned above actually works.

<More to come!>

Total MP5 Rank
Mana Leech 223565 286 1
Replenishment 179788 230 2
Dispersion 122093 156 3
Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain 49494 63 5
Judgement of Wisdom 23417 30 6
Hymn of Hope 2701 3 9
Revitalize 12122 15 7
Mana Tide Totem 0 0
Rapture 565 1 9
Meditation 93967 120 4

2 Responses to “Mana Management Test”

  1. You forgot that blessing of wisdom/manaspring also give you quite a bit of regen :)

    • In this particular fight there was no mana totem present, and Blessing of Wisdom was not present on the Power Gains tab. Perhaps there was none at the time (which would seem strange) or it did not register due to some error in the WoL system.

      I think the “Judgement of Wisdom” in the table might be the effect of the Blessing, but misinterpreted (since I don’t wand foes it should not affect my mana gains).

      Either way, neither impacts this test, fortunately.

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