Spell Priority

Welcome to Mists of Pandaria – plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme. The more things change, the more stays the same. This page details the spells Shadowpriests use since patch 5.0 and how we deal our damage. We have a priority system, meaning that we need to juggle the importance of keeping our DoTs up as well as some abilities we can only used when they are triggered. All of our spells can crit, and they will deal 200% damage if they do.

1) Vampiric Touch – gives us health and mana every time it ticks. Keep this up on your targets at all times.
2) Shadow Word: Pain – procs Shadow Orbs, keep this up on your targets at all times.
3) Devouring Plague – Use this once you have three Shadow Orbs; will heal you as it damages your opponent.
4) Mind Blast – Use on Cooldown; generates 1 Shadow Orb when used.
5) <20% Health use SW:Death
6) 2-3 targets multidot, 3+ use Mind Sear

Talents and Glyphs that affect our priorities

With the Divine Insight talent you have a chance to gain free, instant cast Mind Blasts from your SW:Pain ticks and its cooldown is reset. This has the same priority as normal Mind Blast, so you will use it as long as your DoTs are up. If you have less than 3 Shadow Orbs, cast it before DP. If you already have 3 Shadow Orbs, cast DP first then Mind Blast. 

If you have From Darkness comes Light, your SW:Pain ticks can proc a free, instant Mind Spike which does not wipe your DoTs. This is a nice bonus, but brings up the rear of the damage dealing. On single target fights, Mindbender is stronger, deals more damage and returns more mana.

If you have the glyph of Mind Spike, using it speeds up your next Mind Blast cast; if you have the Glyph of Shadow Word:Death you can use it anytime you want (such as when moving) but it’s damage is severely reduced at those times.

What to do if you have to get your Shadowpriest raid-ready in five minutes

Select Shadow spec. Choose these talents: Void Tendrils, Phantasm, From Darkness comes Light, Angelic Bulwark, Divine Insight. Choose these Glyphs: SW:D, Mind Spike. Everything else is optional. Put your spells on your bars in the priority order as above, and include Fade, Power Word:Shield and whatever profession clicky or trinket you may have. Defensively, add Psychic Scream, Silence, Psychic Horror, Void Tendrils and Hymn of Hope. Add Prayer of Fortitude and Inner Fire as buffs.

With this setup you should be able to run your Shadowpriest pretty much as it was before patch 5.0 with minimal difficulties. Make sure to have a functional set of DoT Timers and you’re good to go.

2 Responses to “Spell Priority”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Casting Mind Sear on a tank is a great way to maximize the dps output of it rather than losing damage by casting it on an enemy

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