Heavy times and heavy hearts

achievement_halloween_cat_01We’ve all been there I think, I am just very tired to be there again. I have told you recently that our community has suffered from setbacks. People were not signing for 25mans until they were sure that there was a 25man…which led to a called raid due to lack of signs. People are unhappy they can’t raid the days we raid, or are not happy when they are told their gear or playstyle is not up to snuff. And now, more people leave for the top raiding community on our server because they want 25man loot.

Yes, it’s about the loot. I have heard people say a hundred times that they are in it for the fun, but it just is not true. The only difference between the 10 and 25mans (previously) was that the 10mans were harder than 25mans but offered worse loot. With 25man gear you race through a 10man at the normal speed again.

And so people leave, and say they are sorry they leave because the atmosphere is nice and they still like to be members of the club socially…but the loot they want is shinier. And they all hope we can do 25mans soon, but we all know we will have to do it without them. And enough people thinking this way means we are left with enough people for 10mans only, and 20 people waiting for us to be able to do 25mans again.

Math does not work that way, peeps. When 20 people stand around and do nothing, there is no 25man and there will be no 25man.

We have considerations for joining with another raiding guild for 25mans specifically. We have plenty tanks and healers but lack DPS, while their situation seems somewhat reversed at first glance. I hope it flies, because my hope is sinking rapidly. We still have a core of people who are prepared, on time, flasked and fed, but it is shrinking fast. People are becoming complacent, irritable and anxious for loot. Small problems and worries are not shared until it is too late to remedy them, people forget the rules and need to be corrected. They had a taste for the shinies and they want more, but are slowly running too far behind the curve to make it.

The weight on the Guild Leader’s shoulders becomes ever heavier, and I am not sure how long that will hold. I do what I can as officer to smooth things over, but I have the idea people no longer want to listen.

I hope we can pull through this one, or we will be stuck in 10mans until eternity, or worse, fall apart.

5 Responses to “Heavy times and heavy hearts”

  1. Hey. I just random-surfed over from Megan’s blog. I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. I hope your Guild gets over this hump soon. Mine’s going through the same thing, but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to manage a raid this weekend. I normally wouldn’t comment but I thought it might help.

    Hang in there. Things can only get better; we’re all in the same boat, I think. Logging into WoW for the first time after patch 3.1 I was pleasantly surprised to find Dalaran full of people (and lagged somewhat) instead of the ghost town it usually is during my play schedule.

    Don’t let things get you down. :)

    • Well, writing a blog is also therapeutical. Often I write to inform, sometimes to entertain, and sometimes to get things off my chest. I know the times will be rough, and I hope we pull through.

      And if not, it’s still a game and we will all be fine. ^_^

  2. I feel your pain Shadow! I think we’ve all been there before. But, as a trader, I feel compelled to remind you not to be afraid to cut your losses when the time comes. The game’s got to be fun or what’s the point right?

  3. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    try a forum post – if you know your 20 will turn up – plan your raids in advance and say exactly what your after – it gives people time to prepare. Be clear what expectations you have – eg flasked/food.. (or even say your guild will provide say the food – ) and minimal stats – you will get the chance to check out their armory – your not asking for guild commitment from them, and you might gets some people who missed sign ups/ have geared alts –

    • Our raids are placed on the calendar a week in advance, stating if it is a 10 or 25 man run. Confirmations are usually done the day before the raid, and while our raids start at 20:00, people are expected to be online, repaird and prepared at 19:45 to receive an invite.

      We have a guidebook which answers all the basic questions from what we expect from members, how and when we raid, how loot is handled and what to do when there is a conflict or when you are unhappy with something.

      I even made a news post the day before every raid, keeping people informed of the next raid, number of people signed in, status of the raid, special notes and so on.

      Even so, it was not allowed to matter. Yesterday evening, Saga officially quit being a raiding community. The guild Saga remains as a social gathering place for its former members, but the raiding days have ended.

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